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A virtual race in aid of the climate

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What is Semesterhalvmaran Utan Gränser?

Semesterhalvmaran Utan Gränser is a virtual race where you as a participant get to choose when and where you want to run your 21 km. The race is a virtual form of the physical race Semesterhalvmaran 21km that LK Gränslöst normally organizes every summer on the countryside outside of Örebro, Sweden.

A race in aid of the climate

Semesterhalvmaran Utan Gränser is, in itself, a climate smart race since you can choose when and where you want to run. Besides, every runner will contribute financially to stopping climate change through our cooperation with GoClimate (more information below).

When can I join the race?

Semesterhalvmaran Utan Gränser is open for participation during a period of two weeks; July 18th up until August 2nd. At any time during these weeks you can choose to participate.

Is Semesterhalvmaran Utan Gränser a race for me?

Semesterhalvmaran Utan Gränser is in several ways a race lacking borders (Utan Gränser meaning Without Borders). LK Gränslöst is hoping to inspire you to a nice run regardless prior experience! Maybe you miss competing now that almost all physical races are cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic? Maybe you wouldn’t care to participate in a physical race but is curious to see if a virtual option could suit you? Maybe you simply want to support the fight of climate change? We hope that you would like to help LK Gränslöst in our aim to share the joy of running and to spread awareness of the climate changes!

Who are GoClimate?

GoClimate is a Swedish company based in Stockholm that invests in different climate projects that contribute to decreasing emissions of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. The company has only one goal and it is to stop the climate change. Their economy is fully transparent. GoClimate is passionate about educating others on the climate crisis and on how we all can contribute to stopping it. One of the founders of GoClimate has created this video which we think explains the climate crisis and its complexity in a good way. Solely by gaining more knowledge on the climate crisis we can make concious choises in our every day lives that contribute to saving our planet!

Save 1 ton of carbon dioxide for every 10 km you run

When you sign up for Semesterhalvmaran Utan Gränser at least 50% of the profit will go to GoClimate which in their turn will invest in projects that aim to lessen the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. GoClimate promises that with these money they will be able to decrease the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere with at least 1 ton* for every 10 km that are run by someone. Therefore, if you run 21 km you will contribute to a decrease of 2,1 tons!

* 1 ton of carbon dioxide equals the emissions from travelling 4000 km by car, producing and using 18 iPhone 7’s or the production of 30 pair of jeans’ (source GoClimate). In Sweden the average individual consumes approximately 9 ton carbon dioxide equivalent per year (source Naturvårdsverket).



Registration for Semesterhalvmaran is done through the registration form at Race.se

Registration fee

The registration fee is 175 SEK. At least 50% of the profit will go to our partner GoClimate (more information above). GoClimate promises in their turn that 75% of that money will go directly into the climate projects and remaining 25% to alternative ways of stopping climate change through their organisation.

Receive our self-designed medal


If you add 50 SEK to the registration fee you will recieve our self-designed medal after the race. It will be delivered to you by post (regrettably we do not offer international shipping). Press here to see what it looks like! 


Start and finish

It is vacation time and this half marathon is totally without borders! You decide where you want to run this race! Maybe you choose a nice trail in the forest, gravel roads on the countryside or paved roads in the city? Or why not 52,75 laps on a track? All options count!

Starting time

Whenever you want from July 18th at 00:00 up until August 2nd at 23:59. Run during the night! Run during the day! Run in the rain! Run in the midnight sun of Kiruna (or in Siberia)! The choice is yours!

How do I register my race?

When you have signed up for Semesterhalvmaran Utan Gränser at Race.se you get your personal starting number (can be found in the start list at Race.se) which you then use to register as a participant of this race in the app of the timekeeping service RaceONE.

How do I use RaceONE?

Alternative one: With GPS tracking

Start by downloading the app RaceONE to your smartphone. Once you decided on when and where to run the race you enter the app to sign up for the race. When you are ready to go, you hit the “start” button and the race begins. Then you run! When you have ran 21,1 km you will receive a push notifications from the app that you have finished the race.

Alternative two: Time keeping with you own GPS watch

Start by downloading the app RaceONE to your smartphone and register for the race. Run (while registering time and distance on your watch)! When finished, you upload either a GPS record file or a photo of the display of your watch which proves the time and distance of your race.

Follow the race through RaceONE

Through the RaceONE app others can follow your race live if you are using GPS tracking and the same way you can follow others. RaceONE is using live tracking which means that whoever is following a race can get push notifications on intermediates, finishing times etcetera. In the app you can also compare different participants regarding intermediates, speed etcetera. There is also a leader board that is updated continuously.  



When you finished your race and registration in the RaceONE app your information will show up in the Leaderboard at RaceONE. Later, when the race period is over, there will also be a complete list of results at Race.se.

Hashtag #gränslöstförklimatet

During your race or once you have finished we would love to see your picture or a video posted on social media under our hashtag #gränslöstförklimatet


LK Gränslöst
If you have any questions for us in LK Gränslöst (our running club organizing this race), don’t hesitate to send us an e-mail at: info@lkgranslost.se

If you have any questions to our partner for this event GoClimate, feel free to write them an e-mail at: hello@goclimate.com